Announcing the 2011 “IT” Colors!

Thanks to all of you who voted in the poll to choose our three limited edition glaze colors for 2011. We had a great response and after some changes in rank through the first day, the winners were soon evident and stayed on top through the remainder of the voting.

Announcing the winning colors (Drumroll is so passé. How about a rockin’ foot stomp?)….

#1: With 33% of the vote and already a pre-order: Laguna!

#2: Anything but boring, gray is hot, especially with these brights: Smoke!

#3: Rounding out the top three: “She uses Tangerine(s)!!”*

These colors will be available for samples and orders on Monday, May 2nd.  We’re also planning fabulous Rift Series color combos with these new glazes used in conjunction with our existing Solid Colors.  Thanks again everyone and we look forward to another exciting product launch coming in the very near future!

How will handmade tile accent your life?


* Pop culture reference from The Flaming Lips circa 1993. Does that make us old??? 


Choose Our Limited Edition Colors!

We need your help to vote for our new, Limited Edition “IT” Colors for 2011!

Out of 5 options, please select 3 that will accent our existing solid color glazes for one calendar year. Voting will be open for one week and you’ll be able to vote just once. We’ll release the winners at 5 PM CST on Monday, April 18th and the winning colors will be officially added to our 2011 color offering on May 2nd, 2011.

All winning colors will be available as solid or Rift tiles and can be used by themselves or as a part of our Lineal or Slice Collection mesh-mounted borders or SPAN field tile patterns.

What are you waiting for? Vote for 3!


Contest: Rejuvenate Your Space with laNeva Artisan Tile!

What You Win: A Custom Design and Tile Package worth $525!

1.) Free 1/2 hour personalized tile design consultation with  top interior designer Lisa La Nasa, owner and designer of laNeva Tile,  via phone to determine the perfect way to Rejuvenate your Space!  Whether it’s a kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, fireplace, table top, picture frame or artwork piece.  LaNeva Tile can be used nearly anywhere!!

2.) Up to 3 personalized design drawings based on your measurements and our one-on-one consultation delivered to you via email. (Consult and drawings $150 value)

PLUS:  (The BIG Prize!) 4 square feet of LaNeva tile’s luxurious handmade ceramic  tile made especially for your project, including free shipping. (Tile and shipping $375 value)

How to Win:

Write a few sentences about your biggest reasons for hiring OR not hiring an interior Designer to plan your home improvement or office renovation project.  Are you still in the planning stages? If you’ve completed the project, were you happy with the results?  What would you do differently?

Post this to your website, facebook page, and/or twitter account with a link back to and also email it to [email protected]. Or if you don’t have a blog, FB page or twitter, you can just email it to [email protected].

1 winner will be selected at random at 5 pm EDT on Wednesday April 28th and will be contacted via email.

Best of luck to everybody!!