White tile. White grout?

We love the crisp, clean  look of white tile but upon installation, you inevitably go through the process of choosing a grout color.

While grout choice is crucial in getting the final result you desire, white can even be more difficult. White tile with true white grout is beautifully contemporary and a gorgeous, monochromatic look, but it can be difficult to maintain while grout, even after it is sealed.  You’ll inevitably end up with a light beige, and in many cases, a spotty light beige.  Sure, you can get out your bleach and scrub, but you also have options other than white on white in the first place.

Consider a tan or creme colored grout from the start. It can look more retro, but if this is what it will end up looking like anyway, beat it to the punch! It will make the space feel warmer, too.  Here is white tile (photographed under slightly different lighting conditions) with two different grout colors:

If you really want the crisp contemporary look, go to the extreme. Choose gray, charcoal, black or even navy grout.  These colors provide a great contrast and will emphasize the grid pattern of the white tiles.  Dark grout looks GREAT with white tiles!


Tile Designs Around Town-Part 1: Outlets


A tragic outlet location

Do you ever pay attention to the tile designs you see around town or in the magazines? There is a lot to learn- both good and bad.

One of the main design details that we urge you to consider is the placement of your electrical outlets and switches. You’re investing in gorgeous handmade tile, only to have a poorly placed outlet spoil the whole look.

Not only does that outlet impact the tile design, it also is unsightly with its plain plastic cover.

May we suggest alternatives:

A plug strip that is mounted underneath the upper cabinets (often called plug-mould). This is great if you only need to plug things in occasionally. If it is an item that remains plugged in for a long time, a constantly exposed cord may be as ugly as an outlet itself.

A pop-up plug. This is perfect for work spaces and even certain areas in a kitchen. It is barely noticeable when not in use.

Strategically placed plugs. Plan where your small appliances will be and plan the outlets accordingly. If you don’t know for sure, p the outlets at the perimeter of the space. That will allow a gorgeous tile design and still plenty of space for your small appliances.

We try to use a combination of the tricks above, but sometimes, that unsightly plug can’t be avoided. That’s why we have switchplates and outlet covers available to match all of our glaze colors. You can also design your own outlet or switch cover with more than one color. Yes, we really have thought of everything!