Interiors by Anouk B

Have you heard of Anouk B out of the Netherlands? Anouk is an interior stylist and seems to be published everywhere lately. Her gorgeously simplistic environments are an inspiration in black and white.  See Anouk B in Remodelista, Vosges Paris and Emmas Designblog featuring photographer Marjon Hoogervorst.

Even with the simple color palette and clean, modern lines of these spaces, the rooms are not austere.  Warmth and texture is added with just slight details of color and natural materials. We adore this look (plus the fact that she’s from our mother’s homeland, the Netherlands) and see this style as a more refined sibling of the sometimes a-little-too-country-rustic but equally modern, Scandinavian design.

Of course as a tile designer (and interior designer) I see one missing detail: Art tile. I can’t help it, it is like a blaring hole when I look at these photos.  One minute- just let me paint you a picture:

Imagine a backsplash or shower detail of laNeva’s 1″x1″ straight stack tiles in color #31 Snow.  The rhythm and texture is punctuated with a Slice Collection stripe of Christopher’s Signature colorway Rift in #24 Steel / #77 Dune (or if that’s too much black, how about Snow/Dune – equally stunning).  Aaaahhhh, the perfect compliment!

To see even more of Anuk B’s fabulous work, visit the Italian site/photo album at Living Inside.


The Slice Collection Release

We’ve had a great week with a new Lineal Collection border launch each day.  Now, for the final tie-in, a component piece. The Slice Collection is for those who may just want a splash of gorgeous handmade tile, or those who want to add another detail to their laNeva Lineal Border or solid color handmade field tile.

The Slice Collection is a ribbon of mesh-mounted tile, using 2×2 or 3×3 square Rift tiles, or those sizes along with their coordinating rectangle sizes.

We introduce the Slice Collection and a few of its variations:

2x2 Slice "A" shown in #90 Oregano / #61 Sky

2x2 Slice "B" Shown in #90 Oregano/#61 Sky

(All drawings and photos above show 2 lineal feet of Slice design each.)

With any of these layouts, you choose to have horizontal (A) or vertical (B) Rift tiles (with Rift color divisions shown as dotted lines in the drawings above).

Slice using only square tiles is available using 2″x 2″ or 3″x 3″ tiles.

Slice using square and rectangular tiles is available in combinations of 3×3/3×6 OR 2×2/2×4 and is a smaller version of our Rift Valley Lineal border pattern released this past week.

Of course, the Slice Collection components are available using any standard combination of our handmade Rift Series tiles.

If you are looking for a simple border, use any of colors with any layout variation as a listello insert within a larger tile wall design.  If you just want a touch of tile, use these alone, with an overglazed (finished) top edge for a  ribbon of tile at a backsplash.  Want to create a large, dramatic design? Use a Slice accent as a secondary detail along with our Rift Valley Lineal border.  The possibilities are endless!