laNeva Tile Environmental Statement:

laNeva Artisan Tile is concerned about our environment and is dedicated to helping minimize our business and personal impact on the earth.

We are committed to continuous review and improvement of our processes.  The specific steps we take in order to reduce our environmental impact are:

  • All of our tile is made in the USA rather than abroad
  • Use of 100% lead-free glazes for our ceramic collections
  • All ceramic glazes are painted on instead of sprayed (no overspray)
  • We fire at low temperatures by ceramic standards (cone 06, 1828 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Broken tile and seconds from nearly all of our collections are reused by local artists and school programs
  • Bronze scraps and waste from pouring the molds are melted and reused for new tile
  • Beetlekill Pine is a waste product that is usually bound for the wood chipper or a controlled burn.
  • All tile orders ship via UPS using their carbon offset credits
  • The laNeva Tile website & blog are hosted by Green Geeks who purchase 300% of their energy consumption from wind power
  • Clay boxes and other packing materials are reused to ship tile orders
  • Several of our office employees telecommute, eliminating commute emissions and the need for a large commercial office/studio.

Inherent qualities of ceramic, bronze and glass tile:

  • No release of air-polluting VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Ceramic tile is durable and when installed properly can last 50-100 years. Glass and Bronze tile have an even longer lifespan.
  • Ceramic’s main ingredient is natural clay

Ceramic tile production is a very labor intensive, multi-step process when done by hand. laNeva is proud to produce a product that, while using many human resources, uses a minimal amount of electricity. We fire twice per week and can often fire several orders at a time.

laNeva tile requires no specialty products for maintenance or ultimately, disposal.  Our ceramic tile can be maintained using a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser and we advocate the use of natural baking soda and water to maintain both tile and grout.

Our other materials such as GLASS requires simple glass cleaner and a soft cloth to maintain its luster.  Bronze and Beetlekill require very little maintenance other than occasional dusting. After several years, Bronze may need a coat of wax and Beeetlekill Pine,  an additional coat of water-based sealer but both are determined by install location and use factors.

laNeva Artisan Tile continues to support local small businesses and artists within our communities.