2011 Solid Color Palette

Click on any of the following 12 colors for a closer look! To see our three ‘IT’ colors released Spring 2011, see the laNeva Tile blog.

#90 Oregano (variation scale 3) Matte green with textured surface and chocolate pindot spots. Regular texture with great warmth and softness. Can show brushstrokes.

#31 Snow (variation scale 1) Glossy, true white. Solid color with very little color or texture variation.

#68 Twilight (variation scale 4) Glossy, slightly transparent navy blue. Tile edges can be darker than center. Water-color like depth, can show some darker blue spots.

#61 Sky (variation scale 3) Soft, glossy, slightly transparent blue. A favorite of ours paired in Rift tiles.

#84 Siren (variation scale 3) Glossy, fire engine red with a hint of transparency. Bold. Dynamic. Can show brush marks.

#73 Butter (variation scale 1) A clear, glossy, happy yellow. Solid color glaze with little to no variation.

#92 Mist Crackle (variation scale 3) A soft, transparent, subtle green with medium texture crackle that lets clay body shine through. Glossy finish.

#24 Steel (color variation 2) Solid semi-matte, metallic black. Gunmetal. Fingerprints or oil on finished surface add to color swirl and variation.

#75 Curry (color variation 3) Glossy, warm, henna-colored (orange/brown) glaze. Can show brush marks.

#71 Dune (color variation 4) Glossy, slightly translucent taupe. Can have a fine textured crackle, depending on glaze thickness.

#95 Lichen (color variation 5) Our changeling. Matte glaze ranging from lemon-lime to drab green with hints of sea green. Can have dots of dark brown. Truly one of a kind.

#77 Café (color variation 4) Glossy, but textured brown. Can have darker edges, interior motteling and show brush marks.