Zig Zag- A New Herringbone Pattern

You never know when inspiration will strike. Today, while checking our Twitter account, I saw an intriguing tweet from HAUS Interior:


I clicked the link and found an extraordinary Zig Zag throw, in graphic Navy and White.

We loved it instantly- for its simple yet timeless pattern, its bold lines and striking contrast of color.

Just as instantly, my mind flashed to our Lineal Collection border pattern, Herringbone Classico.  Here we have a simple herringbone pattern, which is really just a zig zag layout… and our border could easily be specified as an alternating zig zag instead of how we’ve shown it previously, as two colors of tile randomly placed.

Since we produce each tile and assemble each order by hand, we can make it the way you like. If you prefer dynamic movement in your patterns, this is perfect in both classic colors or as a blast of brights for a mod interior. Any of our handmade Solid Colors can be combined to create a unique border design. Do you want delicate or wide stripes? Yes, you can choose that, too.

Here are four zig zag options that are available using our Herringbone Classico pattern.  Choose 2, 3 or 4 colors for this stunning new pattern option – Herringbone Zig Zag.

laNeva Herringbone Zig Zag

For a retro look,  we recommend solid colors #95 Lichen, #73 Butter and #24 Steel.

For a more classic zig zag, try #68 Twilight, #31 Snow and #71 Dune.

Check out our other newly released Lineal Collection patterns on our blog: Woven Rift, Rift Valley, Bamboo Forest, Composition Six and Marching Orders.  How will you customize the patterns to make your own unique design?


Lineal Border Collection Finale: Day 6

This is the final day of our week-long Lineal Collection border launch, and we are so excited to show you this incredible border design!

The second of two Lineal Collection borders using our Rift Series tiles, this utilizes laNeva’s unique 2-color tile in a whole new and previously unavailable way– BIG! This is our very first time offering 4″x4″ laNeva Rift Series tiles, and oh, they are gorgeous!

Each Rift tile is handmade, hand glazed and completely unique.  There is a natural chemical reaction that occurs at the overlap line of the two glaze colors and depending on the glazes used, this reaction may create bubbles, a muted color blending or a third color entirely.  To learn more about our Rift tiles and the name, check out our blog post on the Rift.

Are you ready for our final Lineal Collection design?  We present to you, Rift Valley.

(If you want an up close and personal view, click on any image)

A more delicate border overall but with big impact, this one measures approximately 6″ H. It’s softly undulating, organic Rift pattern creates a division point reminiscent of the horizon.

Rift Valley is shown here using the following laNeva Solid Colors:

  • 1″x 6″  & 1/2″x 6″  liner bars at top and bottom: #68 Twilight
  • 1″x2″ random insert at bottom: #68 Twilight
  • 4″x4″  & 2″x 4″ Rift Tiles: #95 Lichen/ #68 Twilight

Finished with a sand colored grout.

This border measures approximately 6″ tall, 3/8″ thick and is sold mesh mounted in 12″ lengths.  The Rift tiles and bottom border pieces are randomly placed with no true repeat.

One method to create a completely different look with Rift Valley is to use #95 Lichen as the border accent in place of Twilight, or switch the colorway entirely to a different Rift Tile, but we don’t know why you’d do that since this is so fabulous and full of character!  Our other beautiful Rift Tile colors are as follows:

Here’s the rundown of this past week and the new Lineal Collection borders:

And finally, if you want the lowdown on our Lineal Collection, here’s how it works:

laNeva Tile’s “Lineal” border collection is a series of 6 pre-designed, mesh-mounted borders of our most popular patterns. Since you choose the colors and combinations, your border can be as contemporary or traditional as you’d like. We provide detailed drawings and you personalize the design with our choice of any of our solid color glazes(or Rift glazes for Woven Rift and Rift Valley).

Thanks for joining us on this week-long product launch adventure!  We have ONE more big announcement for Monday that ties in directly to today’s post. Stick around for one more exciting Rift product perfect for those who may just want a splash of handmade tile. See you Monday!